Advertise in the largest shopping mall of Attica
Since February 2016, Intelligent Media has undertaken the exclusive promotion, management and commercial exploitation of the outdoor advertising positions of the Smart Park shopping mall.

Το Smart Park

/ Is located in a 91 acres area in Spata
Has 35,000 sq.m. of commercial space, including the most popular brand names in the retail sector
/ Is distinguished for its high and modern architecture aesthetics, open spaces and outdoor activities
/ Has a summer cinema, food shops and an amusement park (Play land)
/ Is the most family-friendly shopping mall
/ Offers great shopping and entertainment experience

With more than 4.2 million people visiting every year, along with the extended time of remaining in the premises, Smart Park offers dynamic advertising ideas and a variety of options for promotion.

Branding & Promotion στο Smart Park

01 Side views of buildings

02 Escalators

03 Outdoor banners

04 Bridges

05 Lifts

06 Underground & outdoor parking
07 Promos

08 Events

09 Samplings

10 Product placements

11 Pop-up store

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