Intelligent Media in cooperation with ITEQ has undertaken the exclusive commercial operation of 1000+  pharmacies (95%  in Attica and 5% in other Greek cities),


by offering companies from the sectors of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, health and wellness, food & beverages, fitness companies, and many more, the option to display and advertise in the designated areas of pharmacies, through the largest digital signage advertising network in Greece. 

Fact Sheet

Number of Pharmacies




Annual number of visitors

10 m.

Average monthly number: 1000

Unique visitors: 20%

Display Points

window displays


/ Point-of-sale visibility of the product

/ Over 4 million views/month due to the highest degree repeatability of the message

/ Simultaneous indoor & outdoor advertising of the product

/ Affordable and dynamically configurable advertising cost

Advertising options

Target directly & effectively 10 million people visiting the largest digital signage network of Pharmacies in Greece, through the various ways of promotion provided by Intelligent Media

TV spots

Duration: up to 30 sec

Display frequency: every 5'-7' in repetition

Smart advice

Advertise your products in an innovative and targeted platform

The Smart Advice platform was created by ITeQ, in collaboration with Intelligent Media, for the purpose of developing a tool that can directly target the thousands of visitors in pharmacies, and as a result to be mutually beneficial to pharmacy owners and advertisers.


How it works


A tablet or digital screen with Android support is installed in the cash register of the pharmacy,so that the customer can see it, or any other spot within the shop, from which the customer will walk through.


The pharmacist registers a product in the POS system using a barcode and Smart Advice automatically recognizes the associated products and services that have already been selected to be displayed and suggested for sale to the customer.


An advertising message is displayed to the consumer about similar products that he/she can additionally buy and at the same time, the pharmacist from his own screen, can recommend similar items that he can suggest for purchase.

Why advertise on the Smart Advice platform

Targeted point-of-sale advertising
Enhanced brand awareness
/ Sales’ tool through cross and up selling
/ Monitored effectiveness of promotion
6 Maternity Hospitals
3 Children’s Hospitals
10 General Hospitals
40 Diagnostic Centers
1000+ Pharmacies

Advertise on the largest digital signage
network in the healthcare sector